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All you need to know about drug addiction

What is the reason behind drug addiction?

A common query being why do people get addicted to anything? Is the act,intentional or unintentional?The list of the reasons may be never-ending. At least when one looks at the effects it creates on, not only the person himself, but also the others associated with him, including the immediate family members, friends, relatives, who are equally hurt and embarrassed.

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Does it satisfy them? Are they being forced?

Several myths are closely associated with drug addiction as it being defined as an illness; others believe in the excuse of peer-pressure...Logically speaking, addiction does not occur in any particular segment or society, in fact it affects every socio-economic class, ethnicity and gender. There is nothing 'bad' about the addict, it is the the addiction which is the problem, requirin attention and needs to be solved.

Drug addiction vs Drug Habituation....

Simply defined as a “chronic relapsing disorder characterized by persistent drug-seeking and drug-taking behaviors”. As seen earlier, there still persists a confusion in the use of the words addiction vs habituation, therefore drug addiction can also be explained from a different context labeled 'drug habituation'.

Addicted to drugs?

A state of periodic or chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of a drug natural or synthetic, its characteristics include the uncontrollable desire to continue taking the drug as well as obtain it by any means; a tendency to increase the dose; a psychic, generally physical dependence on the effects of the drug and the detrimental effects (that follow) on the individual as well as society.

Habituated to Drugs?

On the other hand, drug habituation is that condition that results from repeated consumption of a drug. Characterized by a desire and not a compulsion, to continue taking the drug for the sense of improved well-being which it engenders, with a little or no tendency to increase the dose, thereby increasing the psychic dependency, without physical dependency, gradually resulting in the abstinence syndrome that has detrimental effects on the individual.

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Who are the ones commonly affected??

Fortunately, since 1979, the year of the greatest drug abuse among teenagers, in general the incidence of illicit drug use has decreased. The 'Monitoring the Future Survey in 2000' revealed that the use of marijuana, amphetamines, tranquilizers, heroin and alcohol has remained steady, while the use of Ecstasy and steroids has increased. The use of 'illicit' drugs, however, pales when compared to that of 'licit' drugs. Approximately 25 percent of students are estimated to have smoked cigarettes before the age of thirteen. At the workplace, when we consider the adults, approximately 65 percent of young adults entering the workforce have probably used illegal drugs.

Addicts are not different people, no one actually makes addiction his choice, rather, addiction steals from him/her. With kindness and support from others -can a person regain normalcy and make an attempt to regain his life...................

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