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The after effects of emotional eating

rehab treatment emotional eating

A major problem faced by many of the people in world is emotional eating. It is the practice of eating large quantities of food triggered due to the emotions. The feeling of eating is not actually due to hunger but the emotions play a major role n this type of eating disorder. The specific term for this kind of condition of overeating is “Binge eating disorder” people often turn to eating when they face an emotional situation or are alone. Sometimes due to stressful lifestyle, people eat a lot. Stress will increase a hormone called as corticosol in the body which will encourage the body to spend more energy and that in turn make us more hungry. Especially the salty and sweet foods are taken in by the people who are under chronic stress. Social eating is also a factor, which can cause obesity. Many a times when people get together they like to enjoy on a cup of ice-cream or have some chips, while involved in the talks, they don't realize the amount of food taken in and thus end up eating more. Some times stress can have really bad impact on us and to avoid stressful situations, people end up eating large quantities of food. People who are uncomfortable in some situations may also start eating more than their normal diet.

rehab treatment disorder eating

These kind of overeating can be avoided. The first step to ct down on emotional eating is to eat the food really slow,chewing it properly, in this way you will know how much hungry you are and once your body sends the signal to stop eating, you will eventually feel full and stop eating. This will be vice-versa if you eat really fast. Start eating healthy food, which will not only make you fit but also prevent you from many diseases. Try to avoid junk food and carbohydrate rich food. When you feel stressed out don't land up in a cake shop rather try to get stress free by other techniques. Keep a constant check on your weight by noting it down in book. Exercising should be made a daily activity to reduce the calories which are lying inside the body.

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