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How to select right rehabilitation program ?

Should the family be involved?

It is always a matter of debate as to whether the family of the addict ought to be involved or not. Since drug abuse as well as alcoholism affect the entire family, and not only the addict, it is imperative for the family to fully understand the gravity of the situation; his dependency on the chemicals is deepened and none better than the family can help out better. Several rehab centers therefore make just a few 'motivational lectures' or 'family-therapy' customary, as a part of group therapy. An important component of recovery is the 'family involvement'.

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Is the rehab program medical based?

Many families that cannot afford the treatment may succumb easily to some informal set up that has the patient involved in techniques other than medical, say for instance involving the addict in a rigorous routine, on a spiritual path, teaching him the drugless therapies as meditation, yogic exercises, etc.

Therefore an equally important factor is, the medical-based program, as there is an advantage to including on-site medical care in a Rehab. There is the benefit of a specialized medical staff, who is well versed in the addiction treatment, and can monitor the individual's progress, gradually making necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. Physicians and nurses provide 24-hour hospital services to monitor and ensure a safe withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs.

Does the rehabilitation program include a quality continuing care program?

Certainly, there are no quick fixes in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism, as recovery is surely an on-going process. It is a time-consuming process to integrate the skills that one learns during the intensive rehabilitation treatment, which needs the exercise of a lot of patience. While some programs offer a follow-up program, others will make it difficult and trying, if it is restricted to only one location. That is why ideally, Rehabilitation programs should include a quality, continuing care program that enables the support and monitor recovery.

On the path of sobriety!!!

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Every individual on earth loves his own self dearly! Once he gets the treatment at a rehab center, the once-called-addict surely looks forward to living life in the most meaningful way possible. He has the feeling of one who has had a re-birth, a blessing indeed!!It is now imperative for him to abstain and clearly steer away from drugs and alcohol, thereby lead a clean, healthy life. He can interact with other individuals who have traveled on a similar path to recovery. As he now comes out from the structured treatment- environment, he joins the mainstream of life, integrate into the society along with plenty of supervision as well as support. As an outpatient later on, he may be drug/alcohol tested every 72 hours, gradually he enjoys a life of normalcy!!!

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