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Talking it all out-the best remedy for teenage depression

rehab treatment depression

"I use to love parties, hanging out with my buddies, laughing with them and sharing cup of coffee with all the non-sense talks. But all this has stopped couple of days ago, I like to be isolated. If anyone tries to talk to me then I just don't feel like responding. Instead of a friendly "hi" I get irritated. I usually spend my day sitting alone or sleeping. I feel neglected and ignored even if I m with friends. My mother has tried to cheer me up but as soon as she starts talking I just walk out of room and go straight to the my room. I feel tired all the time but face the problem of insomnia. I feel the sadness inside me all the time and I don't know why this is happening. Just a small event mishap breaks me down. I have trouble in concentrating on any task I do, even during the exams I don't feel like studying and my mind just wanders off. I keep on reminding myself about the future but there is nothing that interest me".

All this was told to the councilor of the well known rehab by my cousin sister, when she was a teenager. Her friends at that time had noticed her behavioral changes and tried to help her. But they just knew little about the term "depression" which she was facing, yes! Depression is a very common happening at the tender ages and parents generally tend to ignore it. Many a times it is temporary but, if this kind of condition doesn't pass, people find it really difficult to come back to normal and they face mood swings to a greater extent.

Depressed people always respond to the love, care, and kindness. They feel safe in any other person's company. But if this feeling of security is not faced in any friend or family member's presence then they should encourage the person to get help from a doctor, therapist or a counselor. Enrolling yourself in a rehab is good thing to do if the symptoms of depression are faced. The specialized people in the treatment centers can understand the symptoms and gives specific remedies to the patients.

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